August 8, 2013

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As featured and quoted in:

As featured and quoted in:

Caleb Parker is an American entrepreneur in London.

He's a founder, director, advisor, investor and consultant, with a keen focus on innovation and technology, and interests in the MICE market, sharing economy, and future of work.

Caleb has been a guest lecturer on topics such as entrepreneurship, the sharing economy and the future of work at academic institutions and large corporations including Georgetown University, George Mason University, London School of Economics, and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), as well as numerous trade conferences.

He currently serves as:

Caleb’s passion for helping people improve their lives and succeed in today's economy has grown over the past seven years while helping hundreds of people learn about meeting rooms on-demand and workspace-as-a-service. He says we are in a 'new economy' where technology has afforded us the freedom to work wherever we want, which is good, but as a result we rely too much on digital communication. He believes relationships are the key to business success, and in-person communication is still required.

He spreads his "new economy" message at numerous conferences, social media, panel discussions and various blogs.

He is the former CEO of (2013-2016), the world's largest online marketplace to search, book and pay instantly for meeting rooms in over 130 countries.  Prior to joining, Caleb co-founded a technology startup in 2012 to create the first global distribution system for on-demand office & meeting space.

Earlier in his career, Caleb was named one of Savannah, Georgia's “40 under 40” business leaders" in 2006 after launching two successful small businesses in the city's booming hospitality industry. A year later he moved to Washington, DC to join the The Regus Group DC management team. In 2009, Caleb co-founded a flexible workspace consulting firm where he brokered flexible workspace and advised businesses on agile working strategies.

Caleb is one of the first licensed commercial real estate agents to speak on the new economy, mobile working trends and the rise of flexible workspace, and has been quoted in numerous publications.  He is @caleb_parker on Twitter.